Quality, starting from the purchase of raw materials and other manufacturing equipments is assured on all phases of production with our responsibility to design, manufavture and present products to meet customer demands by means of our Quality Management System.

Dost Tekstil aims at understanding and aticipating customer needs and expections, thus achieving customer satisfaction to the fullest extend.

Adopting Quality Management System Dost Tekstil warrants quality in all her processes. In this respect, investing on people Dost Tekstil supports ongoing progress of all employess, by providing training required in today’s fast pace of change.

Having acquired “Global Organic Textile Standard-GOTS” certificate to offer producs in conformity with the specifications, conditions and quality as put forth by “organic product” standards Dost Tekstil has started manufacture of organic products well.

Within this frame, we implement our Quality Policy verbalized below, results of which can only be assessed by experience:

  • Purchasing, manufacturing and selling economically by utilizing avaible human and financial resources, machinery and equipment efficiently.
  • Fulfilling customer demands by providing the adequate product at the best prices and rendering services at the highest level quality.
  • Monitoring and reviewing processes as the basis of continuos improvement
  • Employing the right person for the right position, enriching and enlarging her/his personel and professional qualifications, by which achieving effectiveness and efficiency
  • Providing our personnel with safe and healthy working environment and increasing welfare